Morning Discussion

Good morning Shacknews, let's do this thing. Episode 1 of Shackers was posted yesterday, so you should give that a look. It made me laugh, though I don't know if that means good things about the show, or bad things about me. Also, Faylor brings us a review of the new God of War game for PSP, so if you've still got a hankering for Kratos then check it out.

On the Shacker side of things, it was a busy day even podcast aside. Helvetica brings cooking ruckus, if such a thing can exist to these gaming baked goods. On the topic of reviving Quake 3, Visceral Monkey slyly raises an eyebrow and says "eh, ehhhhhh??" And finally, Aeg1x leads the charge of seeing the Team Fortress 2 cast in your favorite movies.

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