Triggerheart Exelica Vertically Scrolls to XBLA

By Nick Breckon, Feb 25, 2008 9:59am PST An upgraded version of the original Japanese arcade title, Warashi's vertical shooter Triggerheart Exelica hits Xbox Live this Wednesday.

"Anchor an enemy ship, capture it to use as a shield, or throw it back into the fray to cause massive damage," says the Microsoft release. Massive damage you say? A unique anchor shot ability to toss around enemies? And a Variable Boss Attack System (VBAS) that drops the difficulty when your score is low? I'm sold.

The game includes three difficulty levels for play across five high-def levels, as well as an entirely new background score, for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). Check out some screenshots below to get a feel for the Triggerheart experience.

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