Ace Combat 6 DLC Forming Up Next Thursday

Namco Bandai today announced that new downloadable content will be available for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (X360) owners to pick up next Thursday, February 28. nope

The varied DLC packs range from new planes to co-op missions. Check out the stunning screenshots of the planes and missions, as well as the full list of inbound content. nope F-117A Night Hawk General Emblem (Free): An international conglomerate featured in Ace Combat 3, General Resource has used its access to the world's most powerful corporations to imbue this aircraft with increased attack power.

Mirage2000-5 Advanced (200 Microsoft Points): Reduced armor and improved engine thrust have resulted in an aircraft with advanced handling and acceleration characteristics.

Su-33 Flanker Crimson Wing (200 Microsoft Points): A fighter plane modified for air shows and exhibition performances, this aircraft is equipped with colored smoke missiles An increased missile payload and accelerated reload capabilities have been added for enhanced performance capabilities.

F-15E Strike Eagle The Idolmaster Chihaya (400 Microsoft Points): While a little hard to handle when it's in a bad mood, this plane's talent is undeniable. Keep your head up, spread your wings and take to the skies!

Razgriz Set Contains F-16C Fighting Falcon, F-2A, Su-33 Flanker and Rafale M (400 Microsoft Points): This set of four planes bears the emblem of the Razgriz squadron, the heroes of Ace Combat 5. Each plane is accentuated with advanced durability to ensure the survival of all squad members in even the most hostile missions.

The downloadable content for Ace Combat 6 launching next week also includes the following single player and online multiplayer stages and maps:

Battle Royale Download #1 (100 Microsoft Points): A maximum of 16 players can take part in this new online Battle Royale stage over the South Sea. Avoid the onslaught from the mighty Gyges and Kottos assailants and strike down the opposition!

Co-op Battle Download #1 (300 Microsoft Points): Up to four players can team up for this new online cooperative mission, hunting down the enemy forces that are hunkered down across a rocky canyon. Primary mission objectives consist of four individually timed operations, with a new secondary mission opening up once these objectives are met. Work with your wingmen to successfully clear all operations and unleash the full power of Ragno Fortress!

Siege Battle Download #1 (300 Microsoft Points): A maximum of eight players can take part in this new online Siege Battle above the snowy plains. The attacking side must dispose of enemy attack drones before attempting to down a unit of transport aircraft. A delicate balance of offense, defense and teamwork is required to lead your team to victory and see the transports safely to their destination.

Ace of Aces Mission #1 (350 Microsoft Points): A new single player stage for the masters of Ace Combat 6, this new mission's challenge exceeds that of the game's previous highest difficulty level. Introducing a new Counter-Charge system, players can gain additional allied support by destroying enemies within given segments of time. Time your attacks correctly and build a coalition to secure victory in this mission for the most hardened Ace Combat veterans.

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