GDC 08: More Fallen Empires Details Revealed

A torrent of details on the Starsiege: TRIBES spiritual sequel Fallen Empires: Legion were unveiled today, along with some brand-new screenshots.


GarageGames representative Bill Linn told Shacknews that the web and team-based online shooter is being developed under a mod-like rolling release philosophy.

Coined "Live Development" by the five-man Fallen Empires team, the process will see the game continually changed and updated based on community feedback via an innovative voting system.

As a result, the full game will sell for a very low cost when the final version is released, roughly two months post-beta. New features will be continually added through beta and post-release.

The beta is set to begin at the end of March, and will include the following:

  • 2 classes
  • 2 character models
  • 3 maps
  • 4 weapons (rocket launcher, grenade launcher, chaingun, laser rifle)
  • 12-16 players
  • Capture The Flag mode
  • First and third person cameras

Linn noted that while only InstantAction.com testers would be allowed into the Fallen Empires beta, the test should widen significantly by the beginning of beta.

The team will use the two months of beta to squash bugs, delivering new content and gameplay tweaks as they go. Objective-based modes beyond Capture The Flag are planned.

A voting system will be employed that will allow players to suggest new classes, abilities, or features. Votes will be weighted based on how much time the user has spent playing, giving more of a say to the dedicated fans.

"It's a whole new way of developing games," Linn said.

Stay tuned for hands-on impressions of the game, which is looking and playing great.