Aliens: Colonial Marines Announced, Detailed

By Nick Breckon, Feb 21, 2008 9:34am PST Publisher Sega today officially announced Aliens: Colonial Marines, the Gearbox Software-developed FPS title based on the popular movie series.

The squad-based shooter will support four-player cooperative play, and is set to hit stores within the year.

Featuring a story-driven single player campaign centering around a team of soldiers facing an alien assault, Aliens: Colonial Marines will attempt to recreate the look and feel of the original films while providing a tense FPS experience.

The game will also boast a four player co-op mode, with each player taking on a distinct role within the squad. Additional multiplayer modes will be announced at a later date.

Elements taken directly from the Aliens sequel will include pulse rifles, flamethrowers, and the Sulaco spaceship. A soundtrack described as "brooding" will also accompany the claustrophobic environments.

Weapons, skills, and equipment new to the Alien universe will also make an appearance, though none were specified.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in late 2008.

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  • I hate squad based games cause the squad members are always
    1) A hindrance to gameplay - if they die the game is over, turning the entire game into a babysitting job
    2) Invincible, meaning you don't care what happens to them
    3) Morons: getting shot and calling for help all the time, standing in the line of fire, etc.

    The only solution that comes close to working is the Gears of War/Jericho solution. Make them kind of tough, but ultimately unkillable, but if they go down in a fight, then the battle gets that much harder. I don't think that works for an Alien game where the good guy mortality always winds up being high. There's also the Alyx solution, where the squad members are tough enough so that you don't have to babysit them, but you can't completely abandon them. I think this works better for this type of game.

    What I'd like to see... and it's never been done before - is a squad based game with squad members that you care about. Where each one has as much personality as Alyx at a minimum If I was playing a game next to the equivalent of Vasquez/Hudson/Apone etc, then I'd care if they got shot up. But in order to inject that much personality into them, the devs would have to spend a fair amount of time introducing them and allowing the player to learn their quirks. Very hard to do in a FPS. Also, all their dialog would have to have all these branching aspects to it, because in order to keep the kind of body count that a solid Aliens experience requires, some of them would have to die permanently. I don't foresee anything that complex. Just a handful of uniquely voiced squad members that have a few good one liners here and there who I'll probably order to wait at the begining of the level.

    However the 4 player co-op sounds rad, so I will probably never even have to deal with any squad nonsense.

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