Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Feb 19, 2008 10:38pm PST

Whats up Shackers? The middle of the week seems to be treating you well, did you lose a few pounds? Looking good. GDC is ticking away, and so plenty of interesting news coming in such as the big announcement of the PC Gaming Alliance, and actual impressions of Too Human. And failing all other forms of amusement, you could make a flip-book of Mario Kart Wii screenshots.

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  • Photography Peeps

    I'm trying to figure out a rate to charge for shooting an dance event. I've shot tons of events over several years, so this one is pretty easy. However, I've never charged for shooting events (usually working with a school newspaper, yearbook, clubs, etc) so I don't know how to price it. I know how to price portraits and weddings, but I never thought about events. The big restriction with this is I can't shoot at the front and have to stand at the back of an auditorium (which will suck). The show is two hours, so how much do you think I should charge? I don't want to charge too much or else I would scare away the dance teacher and they'll hire the other local photographer, whose gallery looks like a point & shoot.