Morning Discussion

By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Feb 19, 2008 10:38pm PST

Whats up Shackers? The middle of the week seems to be treating you well, did you lose a few pounds? Looking good. GDC is ticking away, and so plenty of interesting news coming in such as the big announcement of the PC Gaming Alliance, and actual impressions of Too Human. And failing all other forms of amusement, you could make a flip-book of Mario Kart Wii screenshots.

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  • So I'm suppose to wake up at 4am on saturday morning, and drive 4 hours to williamsburg, va for a bike race. It will be the first time I get a chance to race my new Time Trial bike, and one of the few Collegiate Race's I'll be able to compete in.

    Except 2 hours ago, I took one of my bikes off the hook to trade the pedals onto the time trial bike. While lifting the bike to put t back on the ceiling hook, my back began to hurt, and I couldn't lift the bike high enough. Thinking it was a single incident, I tried again, and could not lift it at all.

    I am now left laying on the couch, watching invader zim hoping the pain goes away within the next 8 hours and does not return. There's no likelyhood of this happening, is there? I'm too young for this to happen.