WiiWare Game LostWinds Announced

Frontier Developments, the studio behind games such as RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and Thrillville, has announced that it is developing and publishing a WiiWare game titled LostWinds.

In LostWinds you use the Wii remote to control Enril the wind spirit, using your elemental powers to guide a young boy Toku through the fantasy world of Mistralis. The place is under a curse, and Toku is the only one who can lift it.

"LostWinds is an innovative game, and an exciting project for many reasons," said Frontier founder David Braben, adding, "Not least the fact that it's one of the large number of excellent concepts that have arisen through our long running internal forum discussions on game ideas. Frontier is packed full of talented game enthusiasts, and contributing creative ideas and feedback is actively encouraged. WiiWare offers a perfect extra outlet for that creativity, and I hope that LostWinds is the first of many games that will follow this process."