LucasArts Alum Mike Stemmle Joins Telltale Games

Former LucasArts designer Mike Stemmle has joined ranks with Telltale Games, the studio announced today.

Stemmle had previously worked as a co-designer on LucasArts' PC adventure titles Sam & Max Hit the Road and Escape From Monkey Island, as well as lead designer on the infamously cancelled revamp Sam & Max: Freelance Police.

"Mere words are proving woefully inadequate to describe my delight at hooking up with this fiendishly dedicated crew," said Stemmle. "The excitement and talent swirling around Telltale remind me of the geysers of imagination that erupted across the gaming industry in the early 90's. Only this time, with rational production schedules."

Telltale Games is currently working on the second season of its episodic Sam & Max adventure series. The studio has nearly doubled the size of its workforce over the last year in anticipation of several new projects.