Requiem: Bloodymare Shots Portray NWS Horror

BOOM widget 116485Gravity just sent over some shots of its gory Havok-powered MMO Requiem: Bloodymare (PC), and quite frankly, we're not sure how to respond.

According to the company, the upcoming horror-themed title "goes far beyond traditional MMOs" and represents "a world where living nightmares take players by the throat...And never let go." It was announced for a North American release earlier this year.

"Odd monster does not even begin to sum up what that is, holy shit," responded Shacknews' Nick Breckon upon seeing the shots for the first time. "It looks like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland stitched onto a giant rotting cow carcass, or maybe something from [childrens' book series] Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark." nope

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