Firm: PS3 to Outsell Wii, Xbox 360 by 2011

By Aaron Linde, Feb 15, 2008 12:21pm PST Research firm iSuppli estimates that Sony's PlayStation 3 will exceed sales of the Wii and Xbox 360 by 2011, reports Reuters.

iSuppli reckons that strong momentum of the system will build during 2008, estimating that Sony will sell roughly 10.2 million PS3s worldwide through the year and double its install base to over 20 million users. Sustained growth will propel the PS3 to some 38.4 million users by 2011, which the firm suggests will position Sony as the "industry leader" in installed units.

The Wii is projected to maintain its lead through 2008, selling 12.2 million hardware units and putting it on top for the year at over 30 million users worldwide. iSuppli's estimate of the Wii's total market share in 2011 was not provided, but the firm's projection that the PS3 will lead at 38.4 million units by 2011 seems to indicate that it believes the Wii will sell less than 8.2 million units over three years.

January hardware sales figures reported by sales-tracking firm NPD yesterday show that the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 for the first time since the system launched in November, 2006.

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  • I don't know... I'm kind of wondering if the PS3 missed the curve on this one. When the system came out it was maybe a bit ahead of it's time (with Blu-ray drive and packed with technology) but it was also WAY too expensive. They obviously built the system for the long run (probably based on how well the PS2 is still doing). But 360 got a head-start... and built a good user-base (and has had amazing games and online services)... by the time the 360 is starting to look a bit old and dated... MS can release a new system... then the PS3 will be outdated. It's almost like they go from ahead of the times... to behind the times... without a very long time frame in the middle. Building a system to span 2 generations was a good idea in some aspects... but the 360 was(is) a great system for RIGHT NOW and for a decent price. MS didn't try to over-shoot... and that might work out for them very well. I think Sony's big mistake was they built the PS3 assuming they were the only kids on the block. They really assumed the competition wasn't even close. (And based on the success of the PS1 and PS2... you almost can't blame them). They will definitely have a great 2008... but it might be too late... and it might be short-lived. I really doubt the PS3 will have the same long happy life as the PS2... but I guess we will have to wait and see.