Contest: Show Your Own Savagery Wrap-up


Multiplayer games bring out a certain visceral quality, and Savage 2: A Tortured Soul combines that with a teamwork-encouraging system that uses efficiency to illustrate the challenges of your adversaries. Given the sparks that flare from such encounters, it can visceral, it can be exciting.. It can be savage.

Recently we asked for you to account for your savagery that occurs in the course of gaming so that we could toss out a few prizes courtesy of S2Games, and the results follow.


First up, we see spaceless displaying the Rosewood-esque results of an unfortunate Warcraft 3 game. We've heard conflicting reports as to the survivability of the original game media, but sources indicate that it's been broken up and spread across the Earth as if to prevent Cobra from assembling it.

Next up, Helvetica comes through with this divine example of Driver's Education 101 as channeled through Counter-Strike. If nothing else, the map seems pretty safe from someone using an aimbot!

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Finally, I learn to regret specificity and liberality in my own words, thanks to waxthirteen's contribution of well, some Fred-flavored Savagery.

The listed winners will all receive a key good for Savage 2: A Tortured Soul, by the way of S2Games. Thanks for all the participants and stick around for further Shack contests!