GameTap Axes Derek Smart Publishing Deal

By Chris Faylor, Feb 14, 2008 11:42am PST GameTap will no longer be publishing Derek Smart's episodic game series, the company revealed to Gamasutra.

Announced in early 2007, Galactic Command: Echo Squad was originally slated to be a four-part space-sim series created by Battlecruiser designer Derek Smart. Much like Telltale's Sam & Max games and American McGee's Grimm, it was to be released through GameTap's digital distribution platform as part of the company's Originals line.

"It was a good game, it was very solid, but as we were going through, it ended up not being the right title for our audience," explained GameTap content VP Ricardo Sanchez. "We thought it would succeed better with Derek's core base."

Despite the termination of the publishing agreement, Sanchez remained extremely positive about the project, and noted that Smart is still planning to release. According to the game's dev blog, all four episodes of Echo Squad were completed and delivered to GameTap owner Turner in June 2007.

"It was a tough call. I think it's one of the strongest games ever made," Sanchez noted. "I honestly think it's one of Derek's strongest games."

After the completion of Bravo Squad, developer 3000AD then began work on Galactic Command: Talon Elite, a fleshed-out sequel Smart claimed would "re-invent the space sim genre." A third Galactic Command game, Bravo Team, is planned to arrive in late 2009.

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  • OK, I have zero interest in starting a Derek Smart bashing thread, the man has shipped games which is more than I can do.

    But the title of this game was going to be Galactic Command: Echo Squad. The (two) sequels already have titles, Galactic Command: Talon Elite and Galactic Command: Bravo Team. I think there's a military game name generator, is there some sort of space marine game name generator or something? Because all three of those names sound so bland to me, and if I came across any of those in a store or Steam, I would have confused them with old games.

    We need to reward people for innovative game titles, like The Witcher and Mass Effect (and Peggle)