Cryptic Prepping Superhero MMO for PC, Consoles; New Red Faction, Aliens Games Named

By Chris Faylor, Feb 14, 2008 8:15am PST With Marvel Universe Online (PC, X360) officially canceled and the studio no longer involved with City of Heroes (PC), the latest effort from superhero MMO developer Cryptic Studios is Champions Online, a super-powered MMO planned for PC and consoles.

Word of the project comes from a writeup detailing gaming publication Game Informer's March issue. No further details are available at this time.

Gearbox's upcoming Aliens shooter will be called Aliens: Colonial Marines when it hits PC and unspecifid consoles--most likely PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360--in 2009, the article revealed. It also contained the official title of Volition's next Red Faction entry, Red Faction: Guerilla.

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  • I'm a TOTAL FAN of the ALIEN movies (esp. Aliens). And I think AvP and AvP2 did a fine job of capturing the atmosphere. Aliens is the ultimate franchise, it doesn't get old. It's the definition of atmosphere and adrenaline rush.

    Any new Alien game sounds like a good game to me. But ofcourse it needs to be on par with todays quality of games (any rehash of characters or appearance might ruin the fun). Hopefully the levels will be HUGE, lots of corridors, airducts and exploring. A remodel of Nostromo, LV426 etc. Maybe submissions of piloting the dropship, airduct escape, driving the car. Maybe now is a good time to use voices of the original actors (sigourney, biehn, henriksen, reiser, and esp. paxton), if they are willing (and provided that the game is good enough). And don't be shy on sampling lines, it could use hundreds of random ones as well.

    I for one am looking forward to a new Aliens game. Here's hoping..