NCSoft FY2007: Tabula Rasa Brings $5.4M in Sales

In its fiscal year 2007 report released today, Korea-based publisher NCSoft announced that the company brought in a net profit of $48.4 million in the last calendar year.

The November release of Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa (PC) recorded $5.4 million in sales, representing only 6% of total earnings for the calendar year. Meanwhile, NCSoft noted that sustained sales of its PC MMOs Lineage and Lineage II were responsible for an 11% boost in earnings during the holiday season, accounting for 76% of the company's total sales.

NCSoft raised its 2008 profit forecasts to $60-69 million to reflect an expected 6-15% year to year increase in sales. Last month, the company cancelled Spacetime Studios' upcoming MMO Blackstar, citing a reevaluation of the multiplayer gaming market.