Shape-matcher Roogoo Announced for PC, XBLA; Coming from DMX Street Bikers Developer

BOOM widget 116426Publisher SouthPeak Games has announced Roogoo, an action-puzzle title slated to hit PC and the Xbox 360's online Xbox Live Arcade later this spring. It marks the company's second known XBLA title, with Load Inc.'s upcoming Things on Wheels being its first.

Roogoo has players rotating discs and guiding blocks through their respectively-shaped slots in order to save an alien race from destruction. It is being developed by SpiderMonk Entertainment, the company that handled DMX Street Bikers, which starred Earl Simmons (pictured above), and NBC Sports National Heads-UP Poker for mobile phones. nope

"We set out to build an addictive, casual game that would be easy to play yet difficult to master," said SpiderMonk president Scott March. "Not only do we have solid gameplay mechanic, but we have added a story element to the experience to really keep players engaged."