IGF Nominee Audiosurf Curls onto Steam with Achievements, "Still Alive"

Valve today announced that Dylan Fitterer's innovative rhythm-racing title Audiosurf is now available for pre-order on Steam.

Audiosurf is a simple racing game that allows users to import their own audio tracks. The game then analyzes the tracks and integrates the rhythm information into the race course in the form of tempo-synced blocks, which players collect for points.

The Orange Box soundtrack will come free with the title, including Jonathan Coulton's hit Portal track "Still Alive." Audiosurf will also be one of the first Steamworks-supported games, with plenty of achievements built-in to the radical pipeline.

An award finalist at the Independent Games Festival, Audiosurf will be available on Steam this Friday, for a price of $9.95. Pre-ordering will shave a totally tubular 10% from said fee. A public beta is currently available at FileShack. nope