First Post!

That's right, whuts up! Figured we could use a chatty refresh and it had been a while since I got to post one.

Not much gaming to report, I really haven't done much of it lately and I still have to catch up some of last year's releases (like Call of Duty 4). Some of the things I'm looking forward this year though: Grand Theft Auto 4, Dead Space, Condemned 2, Alone in the Dark, Left 4 Dead, Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 should it actually make this year.

In somewhat small and unimportant site news but FYI anyway, the features page now has a filter in case you want an overview of just previews, interviews or whatever. You can also filter by author. I'll also soon add the option to just list more articles, probably with just the headline, on one page.

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