Microsoft Considering Crackdown Sequel

Microsoft Game Studios corporate VP Shane Kim said that a sequel to its 2006 sandbox superhero game Crackdown (X360) is still a possibility, despite developer Realtime Worlds' movement towards other projects. nope

Kim explained that while Realtime Worlds has moved in a different direction, Microsoft's ownership of the Crackdown franchise leaves open the option of developing a sequel with a different studio. "We have a great partnership with Realtime Worlds, and they're pursuing a different path from a company perspective," Kim told Game|Life. "So I wouldn't say that it's Microsoft not picking up the option there."

Kim added that Crackdown's commercial success marks the title as an easy choice for a sequel. "I think that customers would like to see more in that space," he said. "Any intellectual property that we own can always be on the table."