Mastiff Secures Major League Eating License

San Francisco-based publisher Mastiff has announced a partnership with Major League Eating to create competitive eating games.

The first product to come out of the partnership is Major League Eating: The Game, a competitive eating title built like a fighting game. Players must master offensive and defensive skills and weapons like burps and belches to conquer their competitors, all while keeping mountains of grub securely in their stomachs.

"Major League Eaters aren't just elite athletes, they are the people who built America. Or at least the competitive eating part of America," said Mastiff CEO Bill Swartz. "I am deeply honored that the International Federation of Competitive Eating and Major League Eating choose Mastiff as their exclusive videogame partner."

Competitive eating—much like eating in general—has become quite popular in America, with MLE producing six hours of programming for networks ESPN and Spike TV in 2007. Though no platforms or release dates for MLE: The Game were specified in Mastiff's pun-laden press release, it's likely that further details will be announced soon.