Battlefield Heroes Details Emerge

By Steve Gibson, Feb 04, 2008 6:44pm PST

Some of the first details of the recently

announced Battlefield Heroes have made their way out via the game's handy dandy developer blog. Senior producer Ben

Cousins shared some slides and info in the first update of note. We picked through the ramblings of Mr. Cousins for these new details:

  • Based on BF2142 Engine
  • Low system requirements
  • More RPG elements
  • Crazy unrealistic feel similar to BF1942
  • Quicker learning curve
  • Remain true to core BF elements

Announced just a couple of weeks ago, Battlefield Heroes is going to be a free PC-only

online game supported by in-game advertising and microtransactions. The details of

those microtransactions have not been fully detailed but one would assume that means you

can buy in-game items with really small amounts of money.

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  • In spite of the advertising (because of it, even), I think the success of this game could launch hardcore PC gaming (as opposed to what we think of as casual gaming) in an interesting new direction - IE, more and more "free" games that rely on advertising to make a profit. When you think about it, the resources required to make a hit game in the FPS genre are comparable to, say, a season of Lost (pulling this out of my arse, of course). Typically, such a game's longevity can more than match that of a television season. Combine that with the fact that products are relying more and more on internet advertising, and we could conceivably see "free" games that make a killing on advertising become the norm within the next couple of decades, possibly even phasing out the fifty-bucks-a-pop model altogether.

    Not sure how I personally feel about that, of course. Let's see how this mofo turns out first.