Super Bowl Sunday

By Steve Gibson, Feb 03, 2008 2:46pm PST

So it is indeed Super Bowl Sunday. We figure at least 5 people here are watching the

game while near a computer so how about we just have it all right in here. This is your

Super Bowl thread. Some tips about the game of football:

  • If you can throw a pig you can throw a football.
  • OJ did it.
  • Those first down lines they draw on TV are kinda cool.
  • If you want the Patriots to lose, that doesn't necessarily mean you're not a true


  • In fact it probably means you ARE a patriot.
  • John Madden is in to scat and will draw you a diagram.
  • You probably are better at making decisions on when to go for it on 4th down than the

    offensive coordinator.

  • A half time that is longer than 2 quarters of football is appropriate.
  • There is a Star Trek Enterprise marathon showing on Sci-fi, in case you don't have


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  • I'm new to this whole superbowl thing, so obviously I liked the halftime show more than anything else (ok the 4th quarter was exciting) but srsly? Where were the cheerleaders? I feel cheated. Maybe it was just the danish feed that did not show em.
    In other news, the danish commentators were so profoundly stupid, that even I, a complete novice could discern that most of the time they didn't know wtf they were talking about, and were just talkin out of their asses. Oh, and the feed was somewhat out of sync, so in the first 2 quarters of the game you could hear them say whether or not a ball had been catched before we could see it leave the throwers hands!