Super Bowl Sunday

So it is indeed Super Bowl Sunday. We figure at least 5 people here are watching the

game while near a computer so how about we just have it all right in here. This is your

Super Bowl thread. Some tips about the game of football:

  • If you can throw a pig you can throw a football.
  • OJ did it.
  • Those first down lines they draw on TV are kinda cool.
  • If you want the Patriots to lose, that doesn't necessarily mean you're not a true


  • In fact it probably means you ARE a patriot.
  • John Madden is in to scat and will draw you a diagram.
  • You probably are better at making decisions on when to go for it on 4th down than the

    offensive coordinator.

  • A half time that is longer than 2 quarters of football is appropriate.
  • There is a Star Trek Enterprise marathon showing on Sci-fi, in case you don't have


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