Resistance 2 Media Depicts Ugly Armored Beasts

By Chris Faylor, Jan 25, 2008 10:16pm PST The first media of Insomniac Games' Resistance 2 (PS3) has at long last appeared, providing the gaming public with its first look at the now-armored Chimera and their multi-legged war machines of doom.

The sequel to Insomniac's first person shooter of a PlayStation 3 launch title, Resistance 2 arrives this fall with two campaigns--one single-player mode, the other allowing 8-player online co-op--and 60-person online multiplayer in tow.

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  • Ever since the Killzone 2 "photochop" debacle, which was pretty ridiculous when you consider that there were movies of the game all over the net, everyone is an "expert" on paintovers. Insomniac aren't a new company with untested tech. There already is Resistance (1) and Ratchet and Clank and they may (I don't know) still be sharing engine tech with Naughty Dog (I don't care much for elements of Drake's Fortune, but the tech looks pretty good). Does anyone really think they will never improve the original Resistance engine? That game was in progress before Sony even finalized the PS3 or the dev kits. Nothing in these pictures looks like anything more than an evolution of the original game, so I have no problem believing Insomniac will pull off things like those walkers...that look like the walkers in "Universe at War"...just not red. I agree that the enemies are a weakness, though (or at least the generic foot soldier). I've never been a fan of "what would really make this POP are HUGE POINTY teeth" designs. Yes, this includes you Epic, and your "UT3 needs a crappy enemy that looks like a Minotaur with eczema."

  • This could be really cool. I liked the 1st Resistance. It wasn't anything revolutionary, but it took good ideas from CoD, Half-Life, Halo etc. and combined them into a very solid game with lots of SP & MP content. The game looked pretty good, but was visually held back by the lack of streaming which caused the textures to be a bit simplistic and repetitive. If they take their rock solid gameplay and add some fancy stuff and really reach he level of visual quality shown here, this could be a big thing. With this and Killzone 2 you got two pretty promising exclusives.

  • It's nice to see co-op coming in so many games. I look forward to playing the 2-player campaign with my friend. Fuck knows where we'll find six other people with PS3s to play the 8-player mode, though. I only know three people with PS3s and one of them is me.

    Nice screenshots as well, and it reminded me that they have a neat setting for the game that I'd happily spend more time in. I just hope they're a bit more innovative with the gameplay this time as while the first game was good, it didn't really have any special gameplay that hadn't been seen in other FPS before. I hope the loading and the initial install times are improved as well. I'll most likely buy this though, unless the reviews aren't good. Even an average (in terms of gameplay) FPS is fun played co-op with a friend.