A Non-gamer's Adventures in Black Mesa

PapaBoo is a long-time Shacker (that's him up above) but, interestingly enough, not a gamer. He hangs around the Shack community for the ever-addictive absorbing discussion and camaraderie it provides, not because of the gaming nature of the site.

So, in order to better relate to his Shack brothers, he is attempting to play through a game that is near and dear to the hearts of the Shacknews readership: Valve's classic Half-Life.

He is having a difficult time with it.

PapaBoo's Black Mesa adventures are being chronicled in a blog entitled PapaBoo: Adventures of a Non-Gamer. Hopefully he continues maintaining himself as he works his way through the trials and tribulations of Gordon Freeman's early escapades.

"Found a room with a suit that looks like I'm supposed to get it but I couldn't figure out how to get it from behind the glass," he wrote yesterday. Undeterred, one of today's goals includes "figure out how to get that damn suit," as well as "get in the test lab" and "shoot some shit up."

Godspeed, PapaBoo!