Sweepstakes: Your Favorite Civilization

By Jeff, Jan 24, 2008 7:48am PST

Sid Meier's Civilization is a long running PC classic currently being adapted for a new multiplatform style, and the progenitor of its own genre. One of the notable features of these games was picking your favorite civilization, be it for its leader, its cultural strengths, its special units, or just just the way they happen to talk. Well, we thought maybe we could have a little contest around here courtesy of a certain wonderful community manager over at 2K Games.

Shackers, tell us of your favorite real or fictional civilization. Give a short description of the civilization, who the leader is and their traits, and what is their favored military unit and building. You can see examples from Civilization 4 at CivFanatics. No more than a paragraph or two per element please.

Up for grabs will be a Civilization Revolution Xbox 360 faceplate and one of these BioShock t-shirts which we have both men's large and women's medium sizes. Four winners will be chosen randomly from the submissions, so no one should feel any intimidation by participating. Entries will be accepted until Monday, January 28th at midnight CST.

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  • MySpace - Unique Unit: The Emo, Leader: Tom
    Trait 1: Cultural Borg, Trait 2: Spam
    Starting Tech: The Internet, Drama
    Favored Civic: Universal Suffrage

    Tom speaks for himself. Being Tom, He Is Your Friend and starts in contact with every civ, but they can cut off contact with him immediately, as they often choose to. The Emo is their special unit, which is basically a much more effective missionary that converts 4x as quickly to Paganism. It just has a 5% chance of destroying itself every turn. Cultural Borg means they gain 1/5 of the culture of the enemies' nearby cities as their own, but a cultural victory for Myspace translates as a loss - similar to nuclear winter.

    The starting techs, again, speak for themselves. MySpace simply could not function without either.