EVE Online Hits Steam with 21-day Trial

CCP's MMO in space, EVE Online, was announced today as the first massively multiplayer game to be available on Valve's Steam downloadable service. It will be promoted with a 21-day trial for "all Steam gamers." Shacknews confirmed with CCP that the promotion applies only to new EVE subscribers.

New players will receive a $5 discount for the first month. Like many MMOs, EVE subscriptions run $14.99/month, with discounts when purchasing multiple months. Pricing information for the purchase of the game itself is not yet available on Steam, but CCP sells it online for $19.99, which is likely to be the price point used.


EVE Online has some 220,000 subscribers worldwide, a number that is dwarfed by more convention MMOs such as World of Warcraft but which has given the niche game a dedicated player base and made it a considerable success for its developer.

Previously CCP had offered gamers a 14-day trial, but in an interview with Shacknews, community manager Mike Read expressed doubt as to whether that was long enough to get a good feel for the game. "There's just so much to it that people need to explore and see to really understand why it's been so successful and why it's taken such time to build up," he said.

"Steam has been the leading online distribution platform for a long time and home to some of the most dedicated gamers around, so we couldn't think of a better fit for EVE Online," said CCP sales VP Magnus Bergsson.

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