Hellgate: London Stonehenge Chronicles Media Includes Monsters, Stonehenge

By Nick Breckon, Jan 22, 2008 1:56pm PST Fresh assets were today released by developer Flagship alongside the just-released Hellgate: London Stonehenge Chronicles content expansion.

The content update adds the central hub of Stonehenge, along with several dungeons and other upgrades for paying subscribers to the action-MMO.

Check out these new screenshots, a bunch of artwork, and the full trailer, which you can view below.

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  • Yeah, I've no personal issue with MMO monthly fees but HG:L does not validate a monthly fee for me, especially not for piecemeal content. Their unfulfilling game aside, I can't figure out why they stuck with the idea that a subscription model would work for them given its poor reception from the start, and now the awkward position they find themselves in. I wonder if it wasn't a required line-item to get some investors to sign on.

    The benefits of subscribing has changed so many times since it was announced its almost a joke. And now a delayed content release, with the literal quote of our releases should be a question of “what” and not “when.” to people who are paying on a MONTHLY basis? I'm pretty sure they care about when just as much as what.

    I wonder how long this will last until they revert to the traditional expansion model, which, geez, seems like a dandy idea.

    I've no desire to play that game again after beating it once, and I beat it on principle, not because I was hooked until the end. If they want more of my $$ they're going to have to do something significant to lure me back, like, a finely-tuned game and either some quality free content or a one-time-purchase expansion that has rave reviews talking about how it makes HG:L a great game.