Kane & Lynch Sales Top One Million

By Aaron Linde, Jan 11, 2008 3:05pm PST

It's been a difficult year for Eidos parent company SCi, but it appears as though the company finally has something to celebrate: IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (PC, PS3, X360) has sold over a million copies since its launch in mid-November, according to Next Gen.

Though rooted in a great deal of controversy, Kane & Lynch's commercial success is clearly the result of the hearty endorsement of the game in a Shackblog editorial by Steve Gaynor. As professional movers and shakers of the gaming industry, Shacknews is no stranger to shifting the commercial fate of even the most dismally rated games.

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  • It's Things like this that make me miss old distribution models. Remember back when the demo would come out BEFORE the game? If that was still common practice then consumers as a whole (even the dirt-shit stupid ones) would know to be wary of titles that don't have a demo, or whose demo really sucked. If that model still existed this thing wouldn't have sold anywhere near 1M copies, regardless of the marketing push associated with the it.

    While on the subject, let's not forget how this underscores the importance of a digital distribution model. Seeing something like this be pushed to people by the means of displaying it predominately in store, or peddled by employees to people who don't know much about a system (read; people buying gifts for other people) because places like Gamestop need to move inventory is totally unacceptable to me. The Idea that because this game has such a large budget it got shoved down one _million_ people's throats, as opposed to the numerous other great games that came out this season sickens me.

    In summation: God bless you Valve for your Great games AND your amazing social/delivery platform. Extra shout to 3D Realms / Human Head for doing the right thing and releasing the Prey Demo a full week before the game.

    /rant off