ShackCast 26: New TF2 Map, Left 4 Dead, One Console Future, Soul Calibur IV

By Chris Remo, Jan 11, 2008 3:29pm PST A new face voice joins the ShackCast this week, as Aaron Linde comes aboard from Destructoid. He and Chris Faylor visited Valve this week and checked out Turtle Rock Studios' co-op zombie shooter Left 4 Dead, as well as the upcoming Badlands map remake for Team Fortress 2.

Also on tap is discussion of Star Wars characters in Namco's Soul Calibur IV (PS3, X360), Valve's acquisition of Turtle Rock Studios, and David Jaffe's wishes for a one-console future. Nick Breckon also reflects a bit on the Consumer Electronics Show.

As usual, this is all capped off with reader mail (including one from sgtsanity!). Don't forget to send in your questions and comments about video games, the Shack, or the ShackCast to!

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  • I'm just happy to hear that there are people who like the direction Square-Enix went with FF XII. My friends really dislike it as they love the older random encounter system.

    I will say though that Square-Enix dropped the ball in several other areas of the game though. The Mist techniques were okay at the start, but unnecessary at the end, and the summons were unnecessary throughout the entire game. I just don't understand it when RPGs introduce elements of the game that aren't balanced with your characters' physical attacks. Why would I want to waste time with animations (even shortened animations) if Vaan's default attack does more damage and is faster?

    Also, the leveling up system was a bit slap dash in XII. I'm not much of a fan of the games that allow every character to have the same abilities.