Insomniac Unveils Resistance 2: Fall 2008 Release, 8-player Online Co-op, 60-person Online MP

Insomniac Games' next project is a sequel to its PS3 launch FPS Resistance: Fall of Man, the studio has revealed in the latest issue of gaming publication Game Informer.

Slated to arrive on the PS3 this fall, Resistance 2 will follow the continuing exploits of protagonist Nathan Hale and his struggles against the alien-esque Chimera. Along with the main adventure, up to 8 players can engage in a separate campaign via online co-op, one of the original's most requested features.

Insomniac also promises up to 60 players per match in the game's online competitive multiplayer, which will allow players to split into individual squads, each with their own unique objective, along with multiple character classes. The first Resistance supported a maximum of 40 players per match.

The projected fall release continues Insomniac's tradition of annual Q4 titles, which it has recently maintained with Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3) in November 2007, Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) in November 2006, and Ratchet: Deadlocked (PS2) in October 2005.