David Jaffe Wants a Single Console Future

By Aaron Linde, Jan 11, 2008 9:16am PST Outspoken God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe (pictured left) is the latest industry figure to show support of a single console model for the gaming industry.

"We have [an industry standard] with DVD, we had it with VHS," argues Jaffe. "Sure, you miss out on a cool feature here, a neat feature there. But weÂ’ve gotten used to this in so many other hardware products and—in doing so—reaped the many more benefits of a single system."

In a direct response to a counterpoint issued by Game|Life, Jaffe concedes his belief that "80% of the game innovation I care about comes via design, not tech."

Jaffe's suggestion that the industry move towards a single console hardware scheme settles him among other proponents of the model, including Denis Dyack and John Romero. Advocates of the model argue that a movement towards a single console would ease development and resolve fragmentation of the current console market.

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  • Exactly what benefits have we reaped from CD and DVD? Companies charging consumers top dollar for 10 year old media? Cd's are still fucking $15-$18, and the medium costs less than a penny. DVD's were super expensive until they figured out they could flood the grocery store line with shit movies for $6 and people would buy them.

    Industry standard help the producers of content, not the consumers. Consumers are benefited best by competition. Haven't we learned this yet? Doesn't it sound vaguely familiar?

    The Nintendo was $200 in 1988. $200 in 1988 was like $600 now. So our $249 Wii and $349 x360 are technically cheaper and vastly superior in every way. This would not happen with Industry Standards.