Metal Gear Solid 4 in "Last Push," Will See Worldwide Simultaneous Release in Q2

With Kojima Productions' Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) delayed out of its 2007 release period last October and given a new Q2 2008 projection, little official word has been released regarding the game's status. Now, on the weekly Kojima Productions Report podcast, assistant producer Ryan Payton revealed that the game is in its "last push"--it is playable from start to finish and is about to enter the bug testing phase.

"Mr. Kojima of all people is really committed to [the date] because he really hates to disappoint people, and I know he is embarrassed by what happened with the 2007 slip into 2008," said Payton. Some features may be added, but "for the majority of the team, this is the end."

Konami has been vague about the Q2 date, which has so far only been officially announced by the company's Japanese arm; Payton stated that Metal Gear Solid 4 will ship worldwide basically simultaneously, with territories likely falling within a few days of one another.

Despite a passing mention of questions about Metal Gear Solid 4 coming to Xbox 360, Payton did not address the issue.

Kojima Productions plans what Payton called an impending "emergence day," referring to the Gears of War marketing line, when the studio will release a deluge of information, including its release date, packaging content, and various game details.