Rez HD Priced, Uses Extra Controllers as Trance Vibrators, Due Out 'In a Few Weeks'

The Xbox Live Arcade remake of the cult classic on-rails shooter Rez will hit "in a few weeks" and sell for 800 Microsoft Points ($10), developer Q Entertainment has confirmed. nope

Originally developed by now-defunct internal Sega studio United Game Artists, the update, which is being overseen by Rez creator and Q Entertainment founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi, enhances the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast original with high-resolution assets and 5.1 sound.

Though the downloadable title will not support the USB Trance Vibrator that accompanied the PS2 release--supposedly meant to enhance the game's bass-heavy soundtrack for those unable to crank their subs--Joystiq reports that gamers will be able to utilize up to three Xbox 360 controllers to provide additional vibration feedback.