OXM Snags Three Exclusive Rock Band Tracks

The next issue of Future Publishing's Official Xbox Magazine will include three exclusive tracks for the Xbox 360 version of Harmonix's multi-instrument opus Rock Band: Freezepop's "Sprode," Bang Camaro's "Rock Rebellion," and Count Zero's "Shake."

In its announcement, the magazine stressed that the songs would only be available on the disc bundled with its February issue, which is slated to hit stores January 15.

Following the game's mid-November release, Harmonix has diligently provided Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 rockers with new tracks on a weekly basis, which are sold through each console's respective download service.

At this point, it is unclear if, how, and when PlayStation 3 owners may be able to acquire the songs, though it should be noted that the PlayStation 2 edition of the game, which released in late December, does not support additional content.