Tribes-like GarageGames Web Title Revealed by Alpha Video Leak

BOOM widget 115840 Unprotected links on the InstantAction.com website, a browser-based gaming platform in development by GarageGames, have today lead to the discovery of several alpha-level videos showing off the company's upcoming team-based online shooter.

A source close to GarageGames stressed that the videos--depicting Tribes-like combat on an alien world--represent early work, and were meant for internal use only. The clips are viewable below, edited into a single silent movie. We have also isolated a batch of screenshots from the footage.

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GarageGames was founded in 2000 by four former employees of Dynamix, the developer responsible for the popular multiplayer shooter Starsiege: Tribes.

The identity of the new InstantAction project was uncovered in October, along with the news that GarageGames had ramped up its employee count in advance of development.

Announced earlier this year, InstantAction is set to launch sometime in early 2008. The service aims to offer a multitude of community features along the lines of Xbox Live or Steam, while generally skewing to a more casual line of games.

Unlike Flash, the InstantAction platform allows for full 3D rendering. Games run directly inside a web browser window, with a friends list and chat window off to the side.

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