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By Jeff "geedeck" Gondek, Dec 21, 2007 3:25am PST It's Friday and how great is that? Pretty great. So we've got a big thing going for the holiday, in the form of the Shacknews Holiday Contest of Doom. Just the act of submitting an entry puts you into a sweepstakes for a plethora of prizes, and well a Xbox 360 Elite for the best entry isn't too shabby either.

So other news, eh? Activision did spell it out that they want someone to pay for using their guitars in Rock Band. I guess it's just too bad that their guitars aren't available somewhere that customers could exchange currency for said instruments. Seems like that could be an okay trade off, maybe? So what is everyone playing over the holiday weekend? Some lucky participant in the thread will get a set of BioShock gamerpics and theme for the 360.

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  • GG Square Enix. I found a 360 port that makes PS3 ports look like A+ products. FFXI. Not only do the graphics look like they are straight out of the PS2 version but there are massive frame rate drops in even the most desolate of areas. It's rather bizarre considering it looked and played better on my old P4 1.6 + 9700pro.

    At least the game is still fun if you can work your way into the destroyed economy. Also I don't think it's costing me a monthly fee since I have the Live Gold membership, but Play Online is such a convoluted piece of shit that it makes it difficult to say for certain.