Duke Nukem Forever Teaser Debuts on Shacknews

By Chris Remo, Dec 19, 2007 9:00am PST Following yesterday's screenshot release, Shacknews is pleased to premiere the first new Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer in over six years. According to George Broussard of developer 3D Realms, the approximately minute-long video was originally created internally for the purpose of holiday festivities and marks the beginning of further media unveilings surrounding the notoriously long-in-development first- person shooter.

"The release is still 'when it's done,' but you can expect more frequent media releases and we're not changing engines again and we have considerable work behind us," Broussard told Shacknews today when asked about a release date.

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The trailer features the work of longtime Duke voice actor Jon St. John as well as prolific game composers Jeremy and Julian Soule. Several captures from the video are available below.

Platforms for the game were not confirmed, but when asked today whether Xbox 360 in addition to PC is likely, Broussard's response sounded positive though not definitive. "I don't think we've stated that yet for the record but your observations are probably correct," he conceded.

First announced for PC in 1997 as a followup to the studio's classic Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem Forever is known to have gone through several significant development iterations. Its last major showing was at E3 2001 with its impressive gameplay trailer; the current Duke Nukem Forever is said to share little in common with that game. For more on the history of Duke Nukem Forever, check out Nick Breckon's feature, published today.

"It's basically a restart as the tech changed and we've been on this version of the game since 2004 or so," Broussard said today. "The released media up to this point are not longer relevant other than for curiosity purposes."

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  • Well I have analysed the short DNF trailer and cant help notice that the Engine is very DOOM 3 ish maybe even FEAR ish,but considering the time of the last change of engine it may well be the DOOM 3 engine.Can anyone shed light on this? Is this a whole new engine 3D Realms has built from the ground up? Anyway I realised which 2 aliens from the original Duke3D are featured and they look totaly awesome.If it maintains its gameplay and humor we could well have a classic here,may even be mixed with some underware changing gameplay.As for Duke himself I wouldnt get too excited because we play the character and when are you ever gonna see the bulging muscles and viens unless you change character ingame or throw punches. The only thing Im worried about is wether this is all a joke or not and of course when the release date really is.Only god knows.I also hope its released on XBOX 360 or PS3 as I would love to play it on my 110cm Samsung widescreen HDTV topped with my Harmon/Kardon 5.1 Surround system in the comfort of my huge warm lounge room! I prefer to play games on my PS3 or XBox 360 as the experience seems to be on a more grander scale now than PC. Yes I have a latest PC etc but the time is upon us when PC games are no longer the ultimate platform for gaming,instead PC gaming is becoming more of a bother as the endless upgrades and the lack of titles that are PC exclusive are well behind us. BioShock is a true testament to that. Think about this, what is more powerfull? An atomic bomb the size of a briefcase or an atomic bomb the size of a match box? Such is the future of todays and tomorrows consoles. CHEERS!