Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3 See Low Sales Debuts

By Chris Remo, Dec 14, 2007 11:40pm PST When November industry sales data was released this week by tracking firm NPD, the PC platform was notably absent from the list of top ten best-selling games despite the release of high-profile titles such as Epic Games' Unreal Tournament III and Crytek's Crysis. Now, according to NPD data released by market tracking site the simExchange, it seems both games kicked off with disappointing initial sales--neither approached 100,000 units.

The report shows Crysis as selling 86,633 units at retail since its November 13 release; the game's potential audience has no doubt been limited by the game's notoriously steep system requirements. Meanwhile, Unreal Tournament III saw considerably flatter sales, tallying 33,995 since its November 19 release. Prior to the release of this data, many gamers had predicted low sales based on the game's sparse player count; at the time of writing, its current online player count is actually below the single-player-oriented Crysis.

It should be noted that Unreal Tournament III in particular released about halfway into the month, with only two full business weeks of availability, though the numbers are undoubtedly lower than publisher Midway and developer Epic expected.

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  • I am in my mid 30's, have spent tens of thousands of dollars on PCs. I problably have over 500 PC games in my collection stored in boxes, and still have my original 3Dfx SLI setup. I love the PC and will always watch and see whats coming out on in. But in all honesty, besides for MMORPG games, i really could care less to play games on it anymore. I have definitely become more friendly with my 360. The ease of use, XBOX Live, Marketplace with Arcarde games is just more attractive to me now. I have a good core base of friends to play with all the time. I love the fact that I just pop the disc in, load of a game like COD4, invite 3 friends to my party and we are in. Not saying that its all that much harder on the PC, but many times, someone's PC would crash, or someone didn't have the most recent patch, and then there were other issues. We all got tired of that, not to mention all of us don't have the oney to by $400 video cards since we have kids now to take care.

    I will always love my PC, but I know I will be playing more on my console.

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    • Because the 360 never has hardware/red ring problems or games that need patches, right? It's easier to play on a console, fair enough, but it's not necessarily perfectly stable either and I'd rather muddle through patching a game or two at a LAN party any day, over lugging around TVs to try and have a LAN get together with 360s. With programs like Gameshadow and the fact that most PC games now offer auto-magic updating for you, patching hassles have really diminished, in my experience. :)

      For me it's simply an issue of better, more involving games on the PC. I prefer depth to simplicity and the PC delivers the depth and quality of gameplay I require over the simplified button-mashing I find in most console games. That being said, there's a great time and a great place for that style of gameplay too - it just comes down to which style of play you prefer, of if you prefer both formats of play. No one says you can't own all the game platforms, console or PC. :)