PlayStation Network Currency Cards Coming Soon

BOOM widget 115751Pre-paid PlayStation Network purchase cards are likely to be available in stores in the near future. Shacknews today received a $20 PSN gift card, accompanied by a holiday greeting card. The greeting card came with the signatures of Sony's public relation team members, but without an explanation of the PSN credit. (The whole envelope was, bafflingly, addressed to one David Ellison of Shacknews. We are fairly certain we do not employ anybody by that name.) [Update: According to the PlayStation Blog, the cards will be available at retail in early 2008.]

The cards may be spent on any PlayStation Store purchases, via either the PlayStation 3 online store or the PC-based PSP store, accommodating gamers without access to credit cards. For impressions of the recently-launched full downloadable PSP games, head over to the blog.