Sony Acknowledges In-Game XMB Access as 'One of the Most Requested PS3 Enhancements'

The lack of in-game access to Sony's XMB overlay on the PlayStation 3 prevents any kind of meaningful communication with other PlayStation Network users during gameplay. But that should change in the future, as Sony told Shacknews in a ShackBlog Q&A that this feature is a high priority for future PSN functionality.

"We are looking at a number of enhancements related to accessing some of the XMB features during gameplay, including messaging your friends," PlayStation Network director of operations Eric Lempel told the ShackBlog. "While there's no timeline to announce at this point, we've heard loud and clear from consumers that in-game XMB access is one of the most requested PS3 enhancements."

Access to the in-game XMB would presumably allow inviting friends to online matches, like Microsoft has implemented in Xbox Live. Head over to the ShackBlog to read the full Q&A for info on additional PlayStation Network issues.