Fury Developer Auran Cuts Staff Down to Single Digits

Independent Australian studio Auran, which most recently released the PvP-only MMO Fury, has been in the news a great deal over the past week. Reports have indicated that the company has suffered massive layoffs, or even that the entire studio was shutting down.

Tonight, multiple sources claimed Auran has been liquidated and all staff let go. CEO Tony Hilliam then issued a statement confirming the news and noting that a small team has been set up to maintain Fury as well as the company's Trainz Railroad Simulator. "Despite earlier reports, staff will be paid for all their work to date, their annual leave entitlements, redundancy payments and long service leave," he promised.

On Tuesday, Auran announced Fury would move to a free play system, with an optional $9.95 per month subscription for premium services. Hilliam said at the time, "We will then have some bad news to follow (unless a miracle occurs), but there will be a very positive end to the week."

According to Shacknews' sources, some half-dozen staff members were allowed to retain their jobs--no doubt these employees will comprise the core team tasked with keeping Fury and Trainz up to date.

"I believe that once people hear about F:AotC and the new Free to Play business model, we'll start building up the player numbers and revenues that will make the game successful," added Hilliam. "I expect the naysayers will have different thoughts, but they haven't played the new build...yet.

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