Evening Remo

By Chris Remo, Dec 12, 2007 6:25pm PST

You know, in my experience there are enough online shenanigans without developers encouraging more. For that matter, there are enough peripheral compatibility shenanigans without Vivactard encouraging more. And hell, there are enough Hollywood shenanigans without Uwe Boll encouraging more. Cut out all these shenanigans, video game industry.

Finally, give it up for the Commodore 64. I'd eat a five-pound bag of that.

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  • Just a heads up for anyone in the market for an LCD television.

    Today I purchased a Syntax-Brillan Olevia 237T 37" LCD HDTV at Office Depot. They have a promo going on until the 24th where if you apply for one of their WorkLife Rewards Personal Visa cards and purchase a total receipt of $499 or more with said card, you get 0 interest and 0 payments until January 09 on that purchase (plus a $25 bonus rebate with your first purchase on the card and 5% back in rebates on your credit statement on any purchases at Office Depot). Office Depot sells the 237T for $899, but I found that they pricematch and that Target is selling the same TV for $799. They pricematched for me with no issues

    The TV has a lot of good reviews and with the year I'll have to save a bit of money every week I couldn't pass up the deal. I'm just not going to purchase anything else with that card and make sure I pay off the purchase in increments over the year (making sure to have the entire thing paid off by December).

    I'm quite happy with the TV so far.