Fury Free to Download With December Expansion, 'Bad News' Coming for Dev

By Carlos Bergfeld, Dec 11, 2007 12:30pm PST Australian developer Auran's PVP-centric title Fury (PC) will become a free download following the title's Age of the Chosen content update December 14. The poorly received quasi-MMO is already free to play at a basic level, and the December expansion will add an enhanced "Chosen" status level with nearly all the features paying subscribers currently have access to, free or charge.

The game will still cost $9.95 a month for the top tier feature set available with "Immortal" status. Despite the good news for potential Fury players, developer Auran had some bad news--or news of bad news, rather--to relay to Kotaku Australia in conjunction with the announcement.

"We will then have some bad news to follow (unless a miracle occurs), but there will be a very positive end to the week," wrote Auran CEO Tony Hilliam. This ominous but ambiguous statement follows last week's confirmation that Auran laid off a significant portion of its staff due to the game's poor launch.

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