Valve Releases Team Fortress 2 Gameplay Data

In line with its habits of publicly releasing all kinds of usage information regarding its games and user base, Valve has posted detailed breakdowns of data drawn from Team Fortress 2 multiplayer matches on PC from November 30 to December 7. Tracked stats include time played per class, points earned per class, damage dealt per weapon, total time played, and much more. There are also color-coded top-down views of maps indicating where players died most frequently. nope

Some standout observations: tc_hydro features the longest games by far, averaging nearly 95 minutes (this seems like it could be inaccurate), but 20% of all time is spent on cp_gravelpit; close combat weapons, particularly the bonesaw, achieve critical hits most often; the rocket launcher deals nearly a quarter of all damage done; the engineer has the longest average lifespan; and the scout is far and away the leader in captures.