Bungie Only Developing for Xbox 360

Bungie recently negotiated its partial independence from Microsoft, but even the company's projects unrelated to Halo will likely be developed for Microsoft's Xbox 360 platform, Bungie staffers told Eurogamer in a text interview. "We have no plans to work on any other platforms beyond 360 at this time," wrote Bungie writing lead Frank O'Connor.

The company recently revealed it has begun prototyping a new IP, so its likely the culmination of this project will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. "Microsoft have been good friends to us," wrote production director Jonty Barnes. "You can see the strength of our relationship in Halo. We're really focused on continuing our collaboration in making the best games we can, and that right now is on 360."

Bungie's negotiations with Microsoft give the Redmond computer giant a minority equity interest in the studio, control of the Halo franchise, and publishing rights to Bungie's other products.