ShackCast 22: Activision Blizzard, GTA4 Trailer

By Chris Remo, Dec 07, 2007 10:57am PST In this week's ShackCast, we discussed the newly formed mega-publisher Activision Blizzard, the release of the latest Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, EVE Online's XP-killing bug, the inconclusive conclusion to Gerstmanngate, Garriott defending his Tabula Rasa, and Michael Bay's optical media conspiracy theories--and, at the last second, mention of FASA founder Jordan Weisman getting the game licenses to Shadowrun, MechWarrior, and Crimson Skies.

Plus, reader mail, as well as what we've been playing: Pirates of the Burning Sea (PC), Omega Five (X360), Draglade (NDS), Pain (PS3), and Half-Life 2: Episode Two (PC).

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00:00: It's a song!
11:55: Grand Theft Auto IV trailer HOLY SHIT (Trailer)
16:42: Texas vs. Games Radar, and Faylor makes some demon sound wtf (Story)
22:26: EVE Online has been killing Windows XP machines! (Story)
24:56: Michael Bay is a crazy tin foil hat guy. HD DVD and Blu-ray are involved. (Story)
32:42: GameSpot and Gerstmann reveal all don't reveal much. Oh well. (Story)
36:52: Garriot claims Tabula Rasa's performance on its huge beta. Whoops. (Story)
45:35: Faylor got ripped off by Pain on PS3.
48:10: He also played Draglade, a rhythm fighting game with no rhythm? (Review)
50:30: Nick played, and basically enjoyed, Pirates of the Burning Sea.
55:35: Steve on Half-Life: Episode Two: "I'm glad I finally suffered past the beginning"
56:36: XBLA shoot-em-up Omega Five is pretty rad. (Preview)
61:48: Reader mail! Useless console features and more!
72:13: FASA's Weisman gets game rights to MechWarrior, Shadowrun, Crimson Skies!

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  • Were Bay's comments really all that absurd? I think the only real bullshit is that he claimed the idea to be his own. Like he's out to 'prove everybody wrong' with his keen industry foresight.

    The two high def DVD formats, to a great degree, actually cancel each other out. As long as the battle exists, there is obviously no real winner. If that battle can hold out until high def video content can be provided online, then people will likely turn away from both formats.

    For Bay to give a nod or any sort of extra credit to blu-ray as being the superior format.. for fucks sake, as if the average consumer could ever understand the differences between them.