PS3 Online Store Gains Rock Band Tracks, TimeShift MP Demo, High Velocity Bowling, Wild Arms, More

Two games, a demo, and several pieces of in-game content were added the PlayStation 3's online marketplace in today's PlayStation Store update.

SCE San Diego's High Velocity Bowling sells for $9.99, offering gamers a number of challenges and playable characters as they replicate the underhanded toss of a bowling ball with the PS3's motion-sensitive controller. nope

Media Vision's original PlayStation RPG Wild Arms represents the service's other new title. Mixing 2D sprite-based dungeons with a turn-based polygonal 3D battle system, it sells for $5.99 and can be played on either PS3 or PSP.

As for in-game content, owners of Harmonix's Rock Band can purchase three new Black Sabbath covers--"War Pigs," "Sweet Leaf," and "N.I.B."--for $1.99 a piece or in $5.49 bundle. The tracks were made available to owners of the Xbox 360 edition earlier this week.

There are also two new add-on packs for Game Republic's Folklore (PS3) selling individually for $3.99 or together for $5.99, as well as a new vehicle for Evolution Studios' MotorStorm (PS3)--the Falfer Domino--at $0.99. nope

Lastly, the service gained the multiplayer demo of Saber Interactive's TimeShift (PC, PS3, X360) that hit Xbox Live and PC last month.