Prince of Persia Film Could Start Shooting in June

In an interview with entertainment industry site Collider, producer Jerry Bruckheimer revealed the movie adaptation of Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia series might begin filming in June. This depends on whether the writer's strike has been mediated by the summer, Bruckheimer said.

"Well we're not going to film until June, so hopefully the writers will come to some kind of consensus with the studios and we can continue," the producer told Collider.

Bruckheimer also revealed no actors have been cast for the film, but reiterated his faith in newly appointed director Mike Newell, known for the Johnny Depp/Al Pacino gangster movie "Donnie Brasco" and other works.

"He's a very inventive, ingenious director, and I think he's going to bring something really special to it," Bruckheimer said. "We have a screenplay, we're just starting to develop."