ShackCast 21: Gerstmann Edition

By Chris Remo, Dec 01, 2007 12:59pm PST Because yesterday's ShackCast 20 was recorded prior to the Jeff Gerstmann firing controversy, we felt we should get back on the mic to discuss it.

Chris Remo, Chris Faylor, and Nick Breckon discuss the facts and rumors regarding the firing from GameSpot/CNET, general trends in game journalism, and the relationship between publishers, ad sales, and editorial. We also take a few questions from readers regarding this specific incident and the larger environment that surrounds it.

Finally, for those bothered by the annoying voice clipping in yesterday's episode, that should be fixed today. Sorry about that!

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  • This is why Shacknews is one of my most trusted sites, hands down, and why I will always come here to support you guys. I Used to hit Gamestop every day as well, way back when it was PC only up until a short time ago. After Greg K left, and just before his departure, I could see the site becoming more and more corporate. Good point on the podcast though, you could easily mistaken the official Kane and Lynch website for GS, same with a few other "background" ads they've had over the past months. Right now, if you click on the PC section, it's all Crysis, everywhere, slapping you in the face. I didn't think online sites needed to whore themselves as much as GS does, but wtf do I know.