The Sanctuary of Suffering Returns

Today's Smash Bros. Dojo update reveals some old Melee levels will be making an appearance in Brawl. Being able to play these classic levels online will be pretty rad. The post only reveals the Temple level, which is probably my favorite from the game because of its ridiculously expansive size. I think it was the the largest level in the game. Anyone who's played Melee knows the red area I've highlighted is the place to go when you're reaching dangerously high damage levels. It's a great area because even beginners can survive massive beatings by going down there, with more experienced players struggling to launch them from the underground zone's tight confines. It'll be cool to revisit these old stages with random players online to learn about other exploits I may have missed while playing offline with friends. Apparently some new stage songs will be integrated into the old levels as well.

If you remember, Melee included some of the levels from the original Smash Bros. on N64 also, like the bonus stage Kongo Jungle. Which old stages do you guys want to see in Brawl?